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Edge Complete HealthLink

A health resource designed to help you live a happier, healthier lifestyle by providing you with articles, quick tips, and recipes.

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An online personal wellness program to help you achieve your health goals regardless of age, gender and fitness.

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Edge Complete HealthLink

Edge Complete HealthLink–your free health resource designed to provide you with information and access to new research, trends, insights and tips for enhancing your everyday routine. Bookmark Edge Complete HealthLink today for a happier, healthier lifestyle and help position yourself for even more personal and professional success.

Edge Complete HealthLink is updated frequently with:

  • Wellness and lifestyle articles
  • Quick tips for healthier living
  • Lifestyle enhancing insights

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MyEWellness is an online personal health and wellness program that aims to help you achieve personal health and wellness goals regardless of age, gender and fitness.

Benefits to help improve your total quality of life:

  • Personal workout programs for all ages and fitness levels
  • Health Calculators for easy tracking and self assessments
  • Health information from a professional staff
  • Daily health tips on nutrition, weight-loss, exercise and disease prevention

To create an account at MyEWellness, click the Create A Free Account button. Once at MyEWellness, select "I have a Membership Code" and input the following promotional code: EDGE





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The National Restaurant Association created the Edge Marketplace to offer a comprehensive suite of health care and personal insurance programs built around the needs of the restaurant industry. Through our partnerships with companies like UnitedHealthcare and eHealth, we are able to provide access to essential tools and health care options for individuals and families. We have chosen to work with these companies because of the wide range of innovative products and services they offer that can meet the unique requirements of restaurant employees and their families. Our goal is to help you find the right solutions for yourself or your small team of employees through our resources and understanding of the restaurant industry.

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